2013 Dutch National Championship Underwaterphotography – 1st place overall

Winning the National Championship was more important than ever for me. In 2015 the CMAS 15th World Championship of Underwaterphotography will take place in the Netherlands. A fantastic event that I really don’t want to miss. Only 2 underwaterphotographers can represent the Netherlands. To qualify, one must win the National Championship Underwaterphotography in one of the 2 years before the event. In this case 2013 and 2014. Winning the championship in 2013 is my ticket to the World Championship 2015….YES, I’m in 🙂

Conditions during the competition days we’re not ideal. I had some really nice photo’s in my head which I tried the weeks before the competition, but the visibility and algues forced me to change plans. All worked out quite well after-all…you just can’t control nature 😉

Category Fish portrait: 1st place
Category Macro: 2nd place
Category Wide Angle with model: 3rd place
Category Wide angle without model: 3rd place
Overall: 1st place

Specials thanks to the Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond and my buddy Arnoud Meesters.